The RDISK driver is now a .COM file and has been improved.
RDISK can still be loaded as-before from CONFIG.SYS, or it
can now load from AUTOEXEC.BAT and by user command without
needing DEVLOAD.

When loaded by AUTOEXEC or later, RDISK can now accept the
/:[letter]  switch specifying a desired drive letter, e.g.
/:Q assigns drive Q: for all RDISK files.   Without any /:
switch, the next free DOS drive letter is used, as-before.
RDISK is a lot more useful and flexible when users can set
their own desired drive letters!

RDISK still supports from 2-MB to 2-GB of memory and still
takes 3 sectors [1536 bytes exactly!] on "boot" diskettes.
RDISK is part of the DRIVERS.ZIP file that is available at

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