I've posted before about the four machines I'm running FreeDOS on -- One is 
exceptionally well behaved with FreeDOS 1.0 and another is exceptionally 
quirky.  In particular, I've been experiencing the FreeCOM bug where the 
command prompt returns without executing the command.  Nobody knows for sure 
when this happens, but it seems to happen in response to a general protection 
fault that goes unreported, as 4DOS reports a general protection fault under 
the same conditions.

I just discovered MDADEBUG, available from Marc Alexander's page
It's a debugger as a TSR.

I've got a machine where the bug can be triggered on a fairly regular basis.
I've been able to trigger the bug, then press ctrl/alt/F12 and get the debugger.
Now that I've got the bug and the debugger, what should I look for?

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