2009/7/4 Christian Masloch <c...@bttr-software.de>:
>> First non-bug:  LFN-EN utilities don't work with my FAT32 partition
>> under FreeDOS.
>> After examining the source code, it turns out that the logic was coded
>> in 1999 when
>> the only DOS that could handle FAT32 was MS-DOS.  When run under
>> FreeDOS, the utilities
>> assume no FAT32 support, so they misidentify the partition as FAT12.
>> For test purposes, I made a version that accepted the vendor byte FD
>> (FreeDOS) instead of
>> FF (MS-DOS) and it worked, but anything used in production would have to
>> use a different
>> method to determine whether FAT32 is supported (FreeDOS comes both ways,
>> and there are several DOSses today that support FAT32.)
>> There is similar logic that determines which versions of DOS require
>> volume locking
>> (MS-DOS 7 or later.)
>> Fortunately the LFN-EN utilities are open source, so someone could fix
>> this.
> A reliable FAT32 test method is to check whether a common subfunction of
> Interrupt 21h, Function 73h (FAT32 extensions) is supported. I disregard
> any method that works per DOS version. Users apparently don't want
> technical details on the Freedos-user list however.

I don't think so: some want, some do not. The question is that
currently there's no way to know about it. So I am almost decided to
create that freedos-basic list, so that technical details can run here
as usual.


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