>>> Users apparently don't want
>>> technical details on the Freedos-user list however.
>> I don't think so: some want, some do not. The question is that
>> currently there's no way to know about it. So I am almost decided to
>> create that freedos-basic list, so that technical details can run here
>> as usual.
> The solution is much easier - discuss technical details on
> freedos-devel and basic things on freedos-user as usual.
> Maybe recently more people discussed technical details on
> freedos-user because there is more activity there than on
> freedos-devel? Of course this should not be a reason to
> migrate threads or even start yet another list... ;-).

Often threads started normal on Freedos-user but the discussion got  
technical later on. I don't want to be accused of "geekifying" anyone's  
list, so I'll simply stop writing any answers here that might be useful to  
developers for fixing the problem. Good that I'll never have to provide a  
"user" mailing list for my software.

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