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From: kurt godel <wb2...@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 3:54 AM
Subject: Update on dos extenders viz djgpp.
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Have just tried WDOSX, which is now royalty free, even for commercial
applications; this refers to exe's 'extended'
by wdos. The wdos actually prepends a stub to the exe,as well as an extender
exe, so that the result is standalone
with no outside files. As stated, any exe that you extend in this way is
royalty free, though the wdosx, as far as I know,
is still proprietary. Rebooted from w98 to it's ms dos, tried the wdos, and
it worked perfectly, though I forgot to load
ctmouse, a tsr, first; after that, hunky dory. I tried the wdos first,
instead of hx, simply because tho neither has a
manual, the hx is too ambitious in the same sense as full-blown emacs, which
to me is incomprehensible. The wdos
is so simple and limited, that even *I* could figure it out!!.(P.S., if I
didn't make it clear, the download of wdos is free,
as well as the resultant modified exe's). If I get really ambitious, I will
try hx one these days.
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