On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 11:56 AM, Anonym Anonymsen<mie...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> I am very interested in this operating system, and I would like to
> contribute.
> I can help by translating the operating system to Norwegian. I have started
> translating the DEFAULT.LNG from FreeCOM. How do I upload the file to
> Sourceforge? How do I test it?
> It will probably not be perfect and complete, but a start. Anyone here that
> can help?

Translations are always appreciated.

One of the other developers may have a more updatd reply; its been a
few years since I have had time to work on FreeCom and I have not yet
set up my computer to do daily builds of it again yet  [should be
available again in the coming months].

To get you started and for testing it may help to try
This is a special build (a bit old now unfortunately) that includes
the language neutral part already compiled and the tools/docs to add a
translation.  Basically run fixstr lang.lng and copy /b
command.bin+lang.dat command.com. which can then be tested (run it and
make sure the output is what you expect).  As I said its been a while
so there may have been some changes to the current default.lng that
mean this build is too old to use with your current translation.  To
have the critical error messages translated does require building
command.com from source; which I do not recall off hand the details
needed; please send a message to the freedos-dev list if you want to
build command.com from source and need help.

I lost almost all my access; however if you send it (and any updates)
to me privately I will commit them to the SF svn repository for
FreeCOM.  If you start working on FreeCOM and want write access to the
svn you will need to request it from one of the FreeDOS admins.


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