Japheth wrote:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If your program runs in a Windows DOS-Box, but causes a page fault in DOS or
DOSEMU, then there's a good chance that it erroneously uses a NULL pointer
memory access. This is a pretty common error, and AFAIR there is a switch
cwsdpmi to disable the "page 0 protection". You can also test with HDPMI's

C:\>HDPMI -r -m

If your program runs in this configuration without page fault, there is a
"forbidden" NULL pointer usage inside your program.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Japheth, I tried what you said: ran hdpmi32 -r-m, then the exe, and it
then tried cwsdpmi -x then the exe, that also worked. Remaining question:
how do I "build-in" the '-x' switch at compile time? The sandman site does
not address this point, and the delorie search archives are acting buggy,
plus they
are ten years long!. Sent email to delorie; waiting on that. If this is a
dupe, my bad,
my browsers (on puppy) are bugging out.--kurt<wb2...@gmail.com>.
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