Michael Potter escreveu:
> Here is the advise I received from a friend how to do it under DOS 
> running within XP:
> a) Setup the printer in Windows, then SHARE the printer.   Then in DOS, 
> one can do this:
> b) NET USE lpt1: \\windowspc\printershare

That is good advice for freedos too... but not easy :(

NET USE is part of a package "Microsoft client", which you can use in 
FreeDOS. BUT you will need an emulator that has a NIC, VMware, Qemu and 
VirtualPC have.

Then you will need MSClient. Either you find one and fight to install 
it, or you install from netbootdisk.com which is that with auto intalation.

It is not easy, but it works. I know for sure. I have done it.

I can help, step by step.. on one condition: you will have to document 
it and put it anywhere in the web.


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