Hi Alain,

> In fact this (http://www.georgpotthast.de/usb) is a full
> USB driver for DOS, with both UHCI and OHCI.
> It has drivers for Parallel and Serial devices, plus pendrive.
> Unfortunately it is only free for personal use...

Actually there is a new "FreeDOS OEM" edition which is free
for ANY use in combination with FreeDOS. It is also meant to
be put into our FreeDOS 1.1 distro. The USB stack itself is
closed source, but most drivers are open source and even in
public domain. Some examples are in ASM or C, but several
are written in BASIC, too :-)

If somebody has the right compiler: It would be nice to modify
the drivers to let them check whether the interrupt handler
exists (is not a NULL pointer) before calling the USB stack
API. Thanks :-). We should also put a copy on IBIBLIO :-).

Sorry for being so slow with publishing this news, I had been
hoping to get around to add this null pointer check first...

The URL of the DOSUSB OEM edition is: www.auersoft.eu/dosusb14.zip
(supports USB 1.0 OHCI and 1.1 UHCI but not yet USB 2.0 EHCI)

Cheers, Eric

PS: Have you tested the drivers from http://bretjohnson.us/ yet?
That one is more open source but only does UHCI USB 1.1. :-).

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