First, there exist workarounds:
either put
in ~/.dosemurc or if you *want* beeps in DOSEMU, e.g. for very old DOS
games, you should not change ~/.dosemurc but instead configure your
Linux window manager, see
for hints.

That said DOSEMU-in-development now has the issue fixed (SVN -r1900).

2009/7/15 Eric Auer <>:
> I experience the same, but am not sure what causes it.
> Seems to be related to the "visual bell" and the fact
> that dosemu can use terminal ESC sequences for sound
> output whenever the emulated "internal PC speaker" is
> touched.

In the case of X they are not terminal sequences but X calls but those
can also be turned visual.

> so a
> more elegant patch would modify do_sound to make operation
> of the speaker gate "lazy". In other words, to make it only
> switch the speaker on / off if the speaker was not already
> in the same state at that moment :-).

I wonder than why you only write out the less elegant patch? It would
be easier to follow you if you would write your emails after you've
drawn a conclusion instead of during the figuring-out stage -- we
don't want to know about a "suggested patch" that you later say has a
more elegant alternative.

My patch just avoids calling the speaker-off code at a lower level if
the speaker is already off, in src/base/speaker/speaker.c.


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