Hi JVP, thanks for testing the Bret Johnson USB drivers :-)

> ... usb mouse attached to my FreeBasic/FreeDos application

> C:\Dos32\DosLFN.com
> C:\Dos32\cwsdpmi.exe

If you run cwsdpmi like that, it will probably not
stay in RAM? Apps made with FreeBASIC will just load
cwsdpmi themselves while they are running and will
unload it afterwards :-). In short: Things should
work at least equally well without that line...

> cd\usb
> usbuhci IRQ 11 DisableLegacySupport

I assume the IRQ can also be set automatically?

> usbprint
> usbmouse
> C:\Dos32\ctmouse

Cute :-) Does it support more advanced PS/2 commands
as well, in other words, can things like third button
and wheel be enabled by the ctmouse usbmouse combo?

> ... 10 Micro Sec on a 533Mhz Industrial Board, with
> a FreeBasic / CGUI app.
> Previously I used a 2 button mouse pad on ps2.
> Using the usb mouse driver with a Microsoft mouse didnt change the 
> timing at all, which I am very pleased about.

Great news :-) I remember running something with 1 msec
TSC based time measurements on a classic Athlon a few
years ago - there the BIOS USB driver did cause delays
big enough to make me switch to real PS/2 mice again.


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