Hi Robert,

> ...program calculates and displays a graph on the screen.

Okay I understand more of your problem in Ubuntu now...

If you use lp in Linux or copy ... prn in dosemu, the
latter will basically assume that you want to print a
plain text document. Lp might also support postscript
and maybe PDF. However, if you hit the printscreen key
in dosemu, you will just tell Gnome (of Linux) to store
a screenshot of your whole screen in a PNG file...

You can manually start a screenshot from the Gnome menu
if you want a screenshot of only one window or of some
selected area, which is a good idea for your task :-).

To print the PNG, just doubleclick the file in Linux,
it will open in Eye of Gnome or whatever other default
graphics viewer you have configured. There you can then
use the print menu item to print the PNG - often with
many config options such as zoom levels and whether to
print the filename at the bottom of the page etc etc.

Inside pure DOS, you can also use GRAPHICS to print
the current graphical screen content, using a driver
built into GRAPHICS. Current support is for ESC/P,
HP PCL and POSTSCRIPT. While you can potentially use
the POSTSCRIPT variant inside DOSEMU, it might need
some extra tuning of your DOSEMU configuration to let
DOSEMU and Linux know that you (GRAPHICS) is sending
already graphical data and not just plain text.


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