Hi all

Sorry for the delay in response, but have been away from office.

Eric Auer wrote:
> If you run cwsdpmi like that, it will probably not
> stay in RAM? Apps made with FreeBASIC will just load
> cwsdpmi themselves while they are running and will
> unload it afterwards :-). In short: Things should
> work at least equally well without that line...
I didnt realise that, but after testing I have confirmed you are correct.
>> cd\usb
>> usbuhci IRQ 11 DisableLegacySupport
> I assume the IRQ can also be set automatically?
Yes, just leave the line as usbuhci only
>> usbprint
>> usbmouse
>> C:\Dos32\ctmouse
> Cute :-) Does it support more advanced PS/2 commands
> as well, in other words, can things like third button
> and wheel be enabled by the ctmouse usbmouse combo?
I believe it does, but I have no use for it, so didnt test it.
>> ... 10 Micro Sec on a 533Mhz Industrial Board, with
>> a FreeBasic / CGUI app.
>> Previously I used a 2 button mouse pad on ps2.
>> Using the usb mouse driver with a Microsoft mouse didnt change the 
>> timing at all, which I am very pleased about.
> Great news :-) I remember running something with 1 msec
> TSC based time measurements on a classic Athlon a few
> years ago - there the BIOS USB driver did cause delays
> big enough to make me switch to real PS/2 mice again.
> Eric
In real time control, any delay is painfull.

I am re-testing with FreeDos again after a problem was discovered.
Brett tells me he has listed it, but I couldnt find it. However in a 
the stacks statement was considered to be the problem.
So, now re-testing with Stacks=0,0

Anyone interested in reading the thread on the usb forum, here is the link


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