I noted your reply to Eric Auer on FD-User re: the idea of
over 4-GB for DOS, in which you wrote:

> PAE paging most likely isn't needed, the simpler approach
> "32-bit paging with 4 MB pages" should do as well.

What is this??  I have seen the Intel specs for PAE memory
but I did not see this.  Is it an "option" that I missed??

I had medical trouble last week, and so I did not remember
the DeepBurner program I use.   If I had, I would not have
commented re: using over 4-GB to Bernd Blaauw, and I might
have suggested sooner that he obtain/create a program same
as DeepBurner, with simultaneous I-O capability.   But, my
thinking was clouded by another BAD hospital "experience"!

As I note in UIDE's README, other HIMEM/EMM drivers aren't
"under current maintenance" any more, and the task of over
4-GB will likely "fall to you and me" only, in our HIMEMX/
JEMM386/JEMMEX and XMGR/UIDE/RDISK.   My ideas are in fact
"divided" -- Applications and file-sizes continue to grow,
BUT maybe better user management of 4-GB could suffice for
DOS systems.

So I wanted to ask:  What do you think about over 4-GB for
DOS??    Is it needed, might be needed at a later time, or
may NEVER be needed??

P.S. (off topic):  If you EVER come to the U.S. and need
medical help, get BACK on an airplane, and get treatment
AT HOME, if you can!!    The hospital doctors REFUSED to
LISTEN TO ME, that I had only a food problem, likely re:
"salts" used to preserve fast-food (same thing 18 months
ago, which I felt was a "fluke"!), and DESPITE my having
overheard nurses LAUGHING re: "Gas-station food again"!!
That and their LOW service level (BAD overcrowding; many
patients lying only in hallway beds having REAL problems
as noted by "Code 1, Red HALL 1/8/.."!!) finally made me
CHECK MYSELF OUT of there, go home, and "sleep it off"!!
My kidneys "flushed me out", as the LAUGHING nurses made
me expect, and thus my "cheap medical remedy" is NO MORE
fast food -- one "fluke", maybe, but two proves I should
NEVER eat such POISON again!!   And, WORSE than lawyers,
U.S. "medicine" now has only ONE rule:   "All we want is
MONEY"!!   I have no medical insurance due to asthma and
other past problems (would cost me TOO MUCH!!), so I was
treated before as if I "will not pay", and I must expect
so again.   98% of U.S. uninsured end up "deadbeats" for
reasons you can guess, thus I am AUTOMATICALLY one also,
and their "credit manager" would not even SEE ME before,
re: my bank/stock statements, credit rating, etc.!!   If
you have ANY options at all, AVOID U.S. "medicine" -- To
say it now STINKS is in fact a HUGE understatement!!!

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