Hi all,
Sent this Saturday when I joined, but it failed to reach the list.  trying 

> Greetings all,
> Before shouting yes, let me share my goals.  I do have this laptop, and I 
> desire outfitting it with freedos only, presently it has no operating system 
> at all.  I want to use a wireless pc card adapter, if possible? if so, can 
> anyone recommend any brands for this?  I understand there are some pcmci 
> cards with dos drivers out there. otherwise though the setup will be rather 
> simple.  I do use a screen reader, so hope the soundblaster setup included 
> will work as well.  I intend adding a word processor, perhaps another program 
> or two, but am mostly concerned for the Internet setup, since the machine is 
> for the road.
> Is all this doable with freedos, and if so, which current install?
> Thanks, and if I need to provide any additional information let me know.
> Karen

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