Hi Bray,

> I have an Atheros pci-x 802.11 wireless card in my Asus EEEpc laptop and
> there is no driver available for the card! Does anyone have some links and
> resources pertaining to driver/packet driver development for DOS? I'm not
> looking for a quick fix, but a project!

Expect a big project here... You can see many examples of open
source DOS network card packet drivers on the CRYNWR homepage:


Atheros.com says they actively support the Linux driver:


There are actually THREE variants of the driver:

...and a third based on a non-portable binary blob

The drivers will depend on Linux infrastructure so you will probably
have to add many other bits and pieces. You can probably get an easier
start by only porting their info tool first:


A good compiler for porting Linux stuff to DOS is DJGPP:


Of course with Wireless things are usually much worse
than with normal network cards, because you will have
to have some software which takes care of setting up
wireless connection details. In many networks, you will
also need something which does WEP, WPA or WPA2 security.

But of course I understand that you do not want to carry
a cable which is heavier than your tiny netbook laptop :-)


PS: Maybe you can also check whether the EEE PC supports
int 15.87 and if not whether some HIMEMX / JEMM386 combo
or similar could be used to make FDAPM ACPIDUMP work ;-)

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