On Friday 28 August 2009 04:25 (CEST), MELVIN FRIEDLANDER wrote:
> Thank you both for your very quick response on the question of using QBasic 
> on my XP. However, I am somewhat computer ignorant and need to know the 
> specifics on how this can be done. What do I download or buy or get through 
> my email or phone?


Alexandru already explained the (easy) steps to make QBasic running on WinXP 
(steps with QuickBASIC are exactly the same).

As for FreeBASIC, you would simply need to download the fbc compiler from 
Then, install it.
Note, that FreeBASIC doesn't come with a native IDE editor. If you wish to have 
a specific editor for FreeBASIC, you can install the FBIDE editor as well. 
Available at http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/fbide/FBIde_0.4.6.exe?download

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