Hi :-)

> I could installed FreeDOS in my 256-mb flash drive, my PC's have
> USB-emulation mode.
> The problem was that I later installed GRUB in it and I could not re-install
> FreeDOS because it was always looking for GRUB so I found a way to uninstall
> it on the net:
> $ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=1

That is a very very extreme thing to do. You deleted the whole
partition table that way... I see no reason why that would be
of any help regarding your original problem that after you
installed GRUB, you could no longer boot DOS. You could have
instead used the sys-freedos-linux script (sys-freedos.pl) or
a DOS based SYS tool... You can also use GRUB4DOS or GRUB to
boot DOS, too :-).

> and then I fomatted again the drive with a FAT filesystem.
> The problem now is that I can access the drive from Windows and Linux but I
> can't access it under FreeDOS. It's like it isn't connected to my PC.
> What can I do to be able to use the flash drive from FreeDOS again?

You probably formatted the DRIVE as FAT instead of formatting
a PARTITION on the drive as FAT. Please partition your flash
drive before formatting the partitions on it, so DOS can give
drive letters to the partitions.


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