Op 1-10-2009 19:14, david lowe schreef:
A while back I asked 'upgrading', & I had a list of Windows-compatible utilities that needed DOS equivalents. I'm not asking about Win-compatible games, they may be a lost cause. I need a driver for a USB flash drive, & probably one for a broadband modem. (I know ClamWIN has a DOS equivalent, so thanks for that.)
Wonder where you asked it, as there's plenty people reading this list, guess we all missed your question perhaps.

http://bretjohnson.us/ has a collection of DOS USB drivers, so most likely for your USB flash drive as well. I don't know how your broadband modem is connected to your computer..most machines have a network card inside, which then is connected to broadband modem by a cable. If this is the case, you'd need to find a so called '(DOS) packet driver' for your network card. Alternatively buy a network card for which a packet driver exists. www.crynwr has a nice collection (though for old cards mostly). If however you got a broadband modem connected by USB or internal to your machine, you might be out of luck.

I had to use a Vista system (not entirely by choice), & I've had enough.
Plenty of operating systems like distributions of Linux, or use Haiku, ReactOS, DOS flavors, etc. Even Windows 7 should be a decent improvement of Vista, and will be released somewhere this month.

Any response is appreciated.

hope this helps,


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