>> Floppies are definitely NOT the most reliable DOS boot media.  After
>> a year or so of daily use, they will likely become unusable. So
>> unless they keep a ready supply of spares, you're going to have some
>> upset clients. I would go the cd-rom or HD route, because USB drives
>> stick out and are easy to break off.
> Break how?

"Breaking off" means falling out of the port or being disconnected by  

I'd definitively prefer CD-ROMs or HDDs as well, simply because I won't  
depend on good BIOS USB drive support for DOS. As Eric mentioned, there  
are adapters which allow replacing HDDs with CF cards. There are also SD  
card adapters but these contain an actual chip and therefore usually cost  
more. (Both of these adapter types look to the BIOS and software exactly  
like a HDD.)


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