Blair Campbell wrote:
Chris: Guess I didn't include enough details of the question. I run Ubuntu
8.04 and then Dosemu My printer, a HP Officejet K80xi works fine in
linux for both text and graphical files (I just enter lpr filename and
either file prints fine with no further input on my part). After I enter
FreeDos, I can only print text files. If I could enter some magical command
from within dos that executed any linux command, the problem would be
solved. Soooo, my question is "Does such a command exist?".

AFAIR, Dosemu includes a utility that can execute unix commands from
within dosemu.  You should check the dosemu documentation.
Bob T.

Blair: Thanks for the help! I found the right documentation finally: the file "dosemu.list" lists all (?) dosemu files and their paths. Specifically /usr/lib/dosemu/drive_z/dosemu/ This file is neat: it is a tree struckture of where each file is located.

Anyhow I printed "unix lpr ~/Dosprog/roses.jpg" and "unix lpr -p -o cpi=10 -o lpi=6 ~/Dosprog/TXT" where TXT is a text file. Conclusion: both .jpg files and fancy detaied printing of text files works great. Thanks again -- Bob T.
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