> hi, we are migrating a dos application to samba servers and dosemu/FreeDOS
> clients, the program need all files in upper case, with samba i can

Which program? If it is a DOS / Windows program, it should
be case-insensitive. This means it does not matter that
Linux uses the proper recommended lower case on Samba,
because Win/DOS programs ignore the upper / lower case.

> use: "default case = upper". but some clients run the application in
> the server via SSH/dosemu, with this clients i have a problem: dosemu
> write directly to my EXT4 in lower case, in dosemu the file is
> "writed" in upper case but when i see the file via bash the file is in
> lower case, how i can change this?

You could tell Dosemu to use a directory on a Samba server
instead of a directory on Ext4 for your DOS files. You can
of course tell the same Linux PC which runs the Samba server
to mount the Samba directories as a client. Might be a nice
trick for you if you really want all DOS activities to be
on DOS style directories, if you want to hide the ext4 :-)

> for example with dosemu we have another problem, the file is
> writed with -rw-r--r-- mask, but if we run:
> $ umask 000
> $ dosemu
> the problem is resolt the file is writed with xrwxrwxrw

Yes of course... Which mask do you want? rw-r-r is very good.
If you want other users to write, use rw-rw-r and make sure
that the other users are in the same group. Only in very
special situations it can be okay to use rw-rw-rw to give
ALL users write access. You should never use rwx-rwx-rwx...

> so the solution it can be from dosemu configuration or using
> a external program, only i need upper case files!!! :D.

See above - I think you do NOT need upper case but you CAN
force upper case by mounting your own Samba share in Linux
and telling Dosemu to use the mounted directory instead of
the original ext4 drive ;-). That means that Samba option
"default case = upper" will have effect on Dosemu as well.


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