Hi Mateusz,

> There is one very good reason: we don't have up-to-date packages...
> To release a v1.1, we'd need to have a complete liste of all latest
> FreeDOS packages.

> See www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/fdupdate/
> Many packages are outdated, and some are simply missing.


Can you make a list of which packages you still need? I think
we could start by a BASE-only 1.1 distro, so we could start by
having a complete collection of up to date BASE packages :-)

By the way, what is the status of the WIP queue, which packages
need review and which packages need to be fixed / updated there?

As soon as we know which packages you still need, we can ask
people to contribute them. Everybody can help: The work is to
download the current version of some program, arranging the
files in FreeDOS package style directory structure and then
making a ZIP with that :-)

See also www.freedos.org/cgi-bin/lsm.cgi?mode=dir&dir=base
to know which versions actually are the newest at the moment.
If you find even newer versions than that, please mail us :-)

About the directory / package zip file structure:

The difference between 1.1 and 1.0 style packages is that in
1.1 you can put all files in one zip while in 1.0 there will
be a zip without sources and a zip without binaries while all
other files are in both files (so you can make a binary-zip
from the source-zip by compiling). In 1.1 style, you simply
remove the source directory to turn a complete zip into a 1.0
style binary zip and remove (most of) the bin dir to turn a
full zip into 1.0 style source zip. In other words: You can
easily (automatic) create a 1.0 zip pair from a 1.1 full zip.

You can assume that for now, if we have 1.0 zips of the newest
version of a program, for example as part of the 1.0 FreeDOS
distro itself in cases where there were no updates after it,
we can work with that. For all packages newer than the FreeDOS
1.0 distro, we better collect 1.1 zips but 1.0 may be okay too
if we already have them.

Here is an example of the directories in 1.1 package zip.
Of course all file names must be short 8.3 style names...

appinfo/ - contains a PACKAGENAME.lsm file
bin/ - all FreeDOS programs share this directory,
  it is in PATH, it contains only necessary files
doc/PACKAGENAME/ - contains documentation
help/ - contains basic PACKAGENAME.en English help file
source/PACKAGENAME/ - contains source and other files
  needed for compiling

Here is an example of a LSM text file for chkdsk:

Title:          Chkdsk
Version:        0.9.2
Entered-date:   2009-05-14
Description:    Check the disk for errors.
Keywords:       Check disk errors
Author:         Imre Leber <Imre.Leber telenet.be>
Maintained-by:  Imre Leber <Imre.Leber telenet.be>
Primary-site:   http://users.telenet.be/imre/FreeDOS/
Alternate-site: http://users.pandora.be/imre/FreeDOS/
Original-site:  http://users.telenet.be/imre/FreeDOS/
Platforms:      DOS, FreeDOS
Copying-policy: GNU GPL

As you can see, everybody can help :-) Of course
you can also help by checking WHICH packages need
update, unless Mateusz already has a list somewhere.

Thanks! Eric

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