I apologize in advance. I'm sending this message to both freedos-devel and freedos-users because there seems to be discussion about the delays hampering 1.1's rollout on both lists. I'm sending to them in /different/ messages, however, so that nobody will get a nasty bounce message if they do a "reply all" and they're not subscribed to the other list. That, and also so that people in both lists won't really get duplicate messages (except for this one... ;P ).

I've long been a fan of FreeDOS, and I've been meaning to switch over to it for my Ghost network disks for some time, but there have always been some quirks and bugs to work around... and I've already worked around the ones in DOS 6.22, so I figured I stick with the devil I know. However, now that I've /finally/ found a FreeDOS kernel that sees USB drives natively (without having to load any drivers) and that the latest devload.exe seems to be able to load all of the MS-LANMAN drivers I need /after/ config.sys is processed, I believe I now have, within reach, the ability to make a USB drive which can boot, autodetect the network card, load the appropriate drivers, and run ghost multicast. (Yes, I know about the various "network boot disks" out there.. but they're unsuitable for my purposes, so I have to make my own)

So, anyway, I'm excited about FreeDOS 1.1, and I want to help get it out the door.

As far as what I can offer. I'm pretty fluent in DOS batch programming, linux bash, Perl, Java, C... a few others. It appears that FreeDOS uses a packaging system. Well, I've rolled some of my own packages for Debian, and I don't think FreeDOS's packaging system can be more complicated and Debian's. Oh, and I've got some free time. So... what needs doing?

Oh, and are there web-pages you can direct me to which explain:
1 - Who's in charge? Who decides when 1.1 is ready to go. Who packages it into a CD image? Who approves/rejects packages? 2 - The FreeDOS standard file-structure. While MS-DOS would throw everything into C:\DOS, FreeDOS uses C:\FDOS\BIN, C:\FDOS\DOC... and some stuff is further down in C:\FDOS\BIN\CTMOUSE. Where is the manifesto which helps decide what goes where?

- Joe

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