Hi Pat, Joe, Mateusz, Rugxulo, others,

I would suggest to keep this on-list for a bit longer,
but to switch to either the user or the devel list :-)

>> So, anyway, I'm excited about FreeDOS 1.1, and
>> I want to help get it out the door.

Thanks a lot! I think most needed at the moment is
packaging of missing updates... Mateusz made a list
about missing FDUPDATE items earlier this week:


BASE missing: Assign, Diskcomp, Display/Graftabl/Printer,
Backup/Restore (non-existing), Fasthelp, GRAPHICS, HIMEMX,
kc/keycode (Ask Aitor!), KEYB and KPDOS, unformat, vol.

Only items in CAPS really need action as the others did not
have any updates since 1.0 so we can re-use 1.0 packages.

FIND, SORT and XCOPY (?) - Rugxulo, did we forget anything?

BASE with FDUPDATE / freedos.org version mismatch: UNDELETE
(FAT32 beta?) and COUNTRY SYS (data file) and maybe others.
How about UIDE (IDE-SATA-disk-CD-DVD) and USB drivers...?

BASE which are already okay: Append, Attrib, Choice, Command
(needs debugging of stops-to-run-apps bug!), Comp, Ctmouse,
Diskcopy, EDIT (Aitor plans update?), Emm386, Exe2bin, Fc,
FDAPM (I have updates pending!), FDISK (LBA/detection fixed?),
Fdshield, Fdxms, Fdxms286, FORMAT (some updates pending?),
*GCDROM*, Help/HTMLHELP, Himem, *Jemm386*, *JemmEx*, Label,
Lbacache, Mem, Mirror, Mode, More, Move, Nansi, Nlsfunc, Print,
Recover, Replace, Share, SHSUCDX (how about the other fork?),
Swsubst/Subst/Join and Tree.

Items in CAPS need some checking, *marked* items are new in
comparison to FreeDOS 1.0 :-).

>>  1 - Who's in charge? Who decides when 1.1 is ready to go.
>> Who packages it into a CD image? Who approves/rejects packages?

To package the CD image, one would use 1.0 as basis and
replace packages by newer versions. Updates in installer
software might support new things such as the use of 1.1
combined binary / source ZIP packages here but we can
also use 1.1 packages to autogenerate 1.0 style ones, in
one mode for a binary-only CD and in another with sources.

For experiments, you can master a new ISO yourself:


www.freedos.org/freedos/images/logos/ and for crystalcase/jewelcase:
www.auersoft.eu/soft/by-others/ freedos-cdrom-label-art-FDLFinal.zip

mkisofs -R -D -V "FreeDOS 1.1rc1" -o ~/fdbasecd-remastered.iso \
  -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/boot.cat \
  -no-emul-boot \-boot-load-size 4 \
  -boot-info-table /tmp/fdbasecd-contents/

See also: http://wiki.fdos.org/Installation/BootDiskCreateCDROM

> I'm the project coordinator, so I get the honor of making a lot of the
> decisions.  Of course, there is a lot of input from the community as
> well.

Package decisions are usually inspired by suggestions
and community reactions indeed... However, a realistic
goal for FreeDOS 1.1 would be to contain all that is
in 1.0 but in updated versions :-) In particular the
BASE category is important. Of course there will be
exceptions, such as adding the new free USB drivers,
but it is not the main goal to add many new packages.

>>  2 - The FreeDOS standard file-structure. While MS-DOS would throw
>> everything into C:\DOS, FreeDOS uses C:\FDOS\BIN, C:\FDOS\DOC... and some
>> stuff is further down in C:\FDOS\BIN\CTMOUSE. Where is the manifesto which
>> helps decide what goes where?

Yes, there is a nice Wiki page and some emails about that ;-)
And of course you can look at existing packages in FDUPDATE.

... plus URLs mentioned there:



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