I am new to FreeDOS.  I really liked how easy it was to install it, and how
many programs are included pre-configured.  Seems super!


However, I ran into a slight hiccup trying to configure the MSCLIENT on it,
so I could connect to a Windows Server share.   It works..kinda.  Once it is
loaded, if I try to access any drive that is not ready..like the A: drive
without a disk in it...EMM386 crashes with an error like this:


Error reading from Drive A: DOS area: drive not ready

(A)bort, (I)gnore,(R)etry, (F)ail


Illegal instruction occurred

CS=7300 IP=63C3 SS=00D1

SP=072B DS=D0C0 ES=0001 .etc.


Aborting Program

EMM386 - Unable to continue - Please reboot


However, I am able to access shares, as long as they are ready.  So it is
very weird.


Any suggestions on places to look where I might be getting it wrong?




-Ted Larson



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