> There is a simple int21h AH=33h AL=FFh call you can make (no program I
> know of off hand that does it but from debug you should be able to get
> it easy) to get a pointer to the version string displayed at boot.
> Something like (completely untested, possibly simpler ways) this in  
> debug:
> a
>     mov ax, 33ff
>     int 21
>    <enter on blank line>
> t
> t
> r
> d <value in DS>:<value in AX>
> All it does is use a to switch debug to assembly mode, input the
> instructions to execute the kernel interrupt that returns the version
> string, then trace just those two instructions (do not run with g),
> display the registers so you can see the values returned in DS:AX, and
> then using those values display (dump) the data there.

The pointer is returned in the DX:AX register pair, not DS:AX. With  
FreeDOS DEBUG, the registers can directly be used in the d command, too.  
These lines can be entered on FreeDOS DEBUG's prompt then:

> a
> mov ax, 33ff
> int 21
> t
> d dx:ax

The first ASCII zero (00 in the hex view) ends the returned string. Enter  
a single "q" on DEBUG's prompt to exit DEBUG.


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