I have a VIA Apollo Pro 133 chipset motherboard with a PIII 450 on 

There are some memory timing parameters in the bios as well as some
other parameters that include usb support, usb keyboard, usb mouse,
assign irq for usb, assign irq for vga.  Should I be assigning
an IRQ for usb or vga?  I'm trying to figure out why the nic locks
up under freedos, yet it works just fine in Windows 98SE and
MSDOS 6.22.

I tweaked the bios settings somehow and got the NIC to stop locking
up on ssh, but I didn't get it to work.  Sadly, I don't remember what
I changed from the standard setup settings.  I have my de220pt in
static non PNP mode configured for irq 9 and io 0x240.  Now that
works when assign irq for vga and assign irq for usb are disabled.
I will also note that ACPI uses IRQ 9 where I wonder if that is why 
I am having a problem under freedos?  I've noticed that Windows 98SE
likes to lock up if it sits for a while.

I'm wondering if freedos understands modern and not so modern but newer
than the 386 bios settings?  Clearly, some settings in the bios seem to
trip freedos up.  I wish freedos had a more powerful version of
Microsoft diagnostics that understands bios settings which can help
one diagnose the bios having improper settings.  After dos became
passee in the Win9x era and especially the WinXP era, irq sharing
and other bios level tweaks became prevalent.  One of the problems
on PCs has been poor resource management and poor bus design.  This
is one of the reasons why I wish that the Alpha had caught on, but
that is another subject altogether.

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