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> Yes, it will work, but I was thinking it might be more risky for a new
> dual-booter.

> In general I think the only order dependent OS I know of would be
> Windows as it will tend to just write over the MBR without asking thus
> corrupting some grub installations.

The problem with Windows overwriting Grub is that Grub was ever put in the
MBR in the first place. Most of the time it is unnecessary, and serves only
to invite Windows to restore a system to a monoboot configuration. It's
usually just as rude of a Linux installer to put Grub on the MBR without
asking as it is for Windows to overwrite MBR code (it does not recognize)
without asking when it is installed/reinstalled. The more astute multibooters
don't let the Linux installer put Grub on the MBR in the first place, thus
avoiding the possibility for an uninvited monoboot condition to occur.


> None the less you are correct. As far as I know FreeDOS and Linux in
> general have no compatiliby problems when it comes to dual booting.

"Dual" booting [1] is booting either of _exactly two_ (which is what dual
means) installed operating systems from the same filesystem/partition.
Multibooting [1] is booting any of two or more installed operating systems,
with each on at least one separate filesystem.

As long as some type of boot manager is employed to choose among installed
operating systems, both DOS and Linux are totally competent to coexist on one
computer system.

[1] These definitions are as created by the originator of the progeny of the
x86 compatible computers we use today, IBM, more than 20 years ago, when it
enabled installation of DOS and OS/2 simultaneously via the user's choice
between the two separate methods above listed.
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