Hi Buzzer,

> Could anyone advice me best network adapter which are able to
> work under FreeDOS?

I installed RTL-8139 network adapters on four FreeDOS computers 
to run a DataPerfect database, and they have been faultlessly 
working 12 hours every day for over a year now. I also use such 
cards on two computers at home without problems.

However, not every RTL-8139 card seems to work with FreeDOS.
There have been reports of non-genuine RTL-8139 chips, but I do
not know whether this is the reason why some work and some don't.

To find out whether a particular RTL-8139 works, I run NSSI --
Navrátil Software System Information, http://www.navsoft.cz.

It has been my experience that if NSSI correctly reports the
network card, then it will work with FreeDOS. Conversely, I have
never been able to make a network driver work with FreeDOS if it
was not identified by NSSI, even if it had been previously tested
and approved on other computers.

I also tried hardware identifiers other than NSSI, but they were
not as reliable for this purpose.


Marcos Fávero Florence de Barros
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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