Here are some test results about Desi-III screen refreshing
speed, now more carefully measured with help of a stopwatch.

  1. LBACache or MS-SmartDrive: no difference.

  2. Himem, EMM386 (FreeDOS), HimemX, Jemm386 or JemmEx
     (Japheth): no difference.

  3. Command.com or 4dos.com: no difference.

  4. Holding down keyboard keys while screen refreshes, as
     suggested by Larry (doc...@yahoo.com): shift, ctrl and alt
     keys cut screen refreshing time by half. Right-hand alt key
     is even slightly better.

  5. FDAPM (FreeDOS tool for APM power management and energy
     saving). I was loading FDAPM with option APMdos ("keep FDAPM
     in RAM, save most energy"). By not loading it, refreshing
     time is cut by half. Same improvement can be obtained by
     loading it with option APMbios instead of APMdos.

Methods 4 and 5 are cumulative, i.e., refresh time is reduced to
one-quarter of the original time if both are used. This is a
substantial improvement, but still a long way away from the speed
of MS-DOS.



Marcos Favero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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