I have on Disk that has a bad sector in it. It was brought to me by a 
user because it was crashing the system.

The disk is 160Gb single partition, SATA, 1Gb RAM. I used latest kernel 
(2039) and an older one too.

DOSFSCK -tfrv C:
(version 2.11DOS3) locks short after starting, after the message 
"Reading file allocation table", is it running with disks/partitions 
this size? It was running before the problem, but could this be related 
simply to disk size?

Norton NDD reports the bad sector. If I do "copy *.* NUL" I get error 
reading error in the same file.

Could dosfsck locking be related to the bad sector?

Please help, I need very much a tool to fix a lisk like that. (Not that 
specific one as everything has been transfered and I can keep it for 
testing for a while)

Thanks all,

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