Hi Stefan,

> My question is not exactly FreeDos related but I hope that you could
> help me anyway:
> For an embedded project I need to create a very small FAT12 partition.
> In a proprietary project I found a partition of 4KB size (which I can
> not reuse because of license issues) but could not manage to recreate a
> similar one. Therefore on Linux I tried "mkdosfs -f 1 -F 12 -h 0 -S 512
> -C partition.iso 4" but it fails with the error message that this
> partition is too small. The smallest I could build this way was 34KB in
> size.
> Could you give me any hint how to create a partition smaller than 34 KB?

If there's no tool to do what you want, you might be able to create it  
yourself with an assembler. For this, I found a nice NASM (the Netwide  
Assembler, at http://www.nasm.us/) macro to create FAT12 images on this  
german blog:


(Don't worry, you should be able to copy and read the code without  
problems even in case you don't speak german. Though if you need a  
translation, don't hesitate to ask me for it.)


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