Hi, yes, fdbasecd is enough. Actually everything which boots DOS
at all is enough, as you already have the BIOS update tool and
the new BIOS at another location. However, you have to put those
files on a FAT partition or floppy or similar, because DOS does
not support NTFS or USB out of the box. You could of course load
drivers, but it is hard to modify the content of the ISO and if
you modify it anyway then you can just as well put the BIOS file
and software on the ISO instead :-)

You can also use and modify a floppy image to make bootable
CD or DVD, many CD/DVD burner tools support using a floppy or
image of one to make bootable disks in easy ways. A nice freedos
boot floppy is for example at rugxulo.googlepages.com - you can
remove some tools to make space for your BIOS files and tools.


PS: Boot without emm386 / jemmex / jemm386 / other EMS or UMB
drivers, as that can make your BIOS update tool run less stable.
It is also good to avoid network, sound and USB drivers and maybe
even BIOS network and USB support, but you may need the latter.

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