Hello every one,
 I checked on the freedos webb site, once and found(in the downloads)or 
software a drawing,paint program, for dos, however the site it linked to was 
geocities, and is no longer
there, Dose any one know of, and where I can find a good drawing program for 
Dos,or FreeDos,.. Several listed at source forge claimed to be for dos, but 
dont rucn on Dos, only windows.... cartoon drwaing is especiallly what I am 
looking for.....
garryricket...@yahoo.com  .....I also used to have a webb page at geocities, 
any suggestions as to hwre I ca set up another ?.....I would like like to start 
one, that also includes links to  FreeDos, sourceforge....And how is the new 
webbsite for free dos going?
 thats all for now......

    Garry Ricketson
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