You know I used Dos for years, loved dos and still do. I could make my own
little programs using editor and loved that. I loved the fact that the
program was in a place I created and if I wanted to remove all the program,
all I had to do was delete the directory it was in and of course all the
program was gone. I loved the fact that if I had problems with the hard
drive all I had to do was partition the hard drive format it and then
re-install dos then install my backup. When Microsoft was going all windows
I bought DRdos trying to hold on or out whichever way you want to look at it
but of course I couldn't stay with dos because all the world was going to
windows. If Bill Gates was anything he is and was a salesman. <BG> I have
wished and wished someone could create an operating system that would run
windows programs but still be dos. Ah but this is impossible since Bill
Gates would never allow that he would lose money some of the billions or
trillions he has now. I would like to run dos and vista now but for what
purpose? I still have to run windows to be compatible with the world and run
the programs I have bought from old Bill. The folks that try to keep free
dos alive have no pay, not much time, still if you don't have to be
compatible, it would be well worth changing to. If I could I would never run
windows ever, has problems, not stable and never has been and in my opinion
never will be. Old Bill was trying to get windows where Linux was for years.
Problems that cropped up in windows server, linux had already solved years
ago and windows had and still does have lots of problems. Old Bill was
trying to get windows server to linus stability without bugs for years so
why would anyone who doesn't have to be compatible with the world want to
run windows in dos? The best windows he ever had was the first one where
there was a window where you programs were and you could load them, which
really was just a menu program which was easier to load your dos programs
and windows should have stopped there. Right now if I had a dos based
operating system that would run windows programs, which is all I have now, I
would change right now and never run windows ever. Think that will ever
happen? Now I read that Microsoft is trying to make an operating system that
isn't bloated and is stable, well there was one and it was called dos. Why
because the stability and the compactness of the program was all left up to
the programmer. Wonder if that operating system will run windows programs,
doubt it.

Ron Spruell Sr.

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Karen Llewellen said:

> I have a wonderful dsl connection now in dos 
> using ms dos 7.1, pure  not under windows of course, 
> and wattcp applications most notably ssh2021b 
> which lets me telnet to my shell service
> Having dreadful success with doslynx, even though I 
> use lynx itself on my shell service.
> I would love to have a dos based browser that can work 
> with speech, <that rules out Arachnid> but wonder if the 
> one thing I cannot use right now would be a possibility 
> regardless?

 Why not lynx itself ? There is a port to DOS of version 2.8.5 at  and there used to be a port 
of version 2.8.4d14, which I find nicer (use it daily), at . I can send you the executable 
(NOT the sources, for I do not have them) of this if you 
are interested.
 Would you please give more info on your DSL setup: 
modem (or bridge) hardware, device drivers and 
connection details ?
 Best regards

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