Hello, every one..this week, there were no new news letters,..
This is unusual....well maybe there is no news...or am I still on the mailing 
 Since I installed Free Dos, onto a new HD.....it still seems to be working 
fine...the first
problems I had installing ect,... all seem to be related to a bad HD.....a 
When I get experimenting and stuff...The Free Dos...is the only Dos version 
that seems
to always keep working..or very easily repaired....Windows, may crash, MSDos7.1 
may crash,----I tried some experiments with DR dos..and ya..I thru that 
away..but Odin, or FreeDos, seems to always still be there,. once or twice I 
did have to use bootfix....
and it worked good. ok well thats all for now...P.S., any way I imagen freedos 
can crash
too....but I still havent figured out how to crash it, (sort of a joke)....Bye! 
 Garry Ricketson
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