> Yes, VirtualBox graphic card indeed is VESA compliant. The whole problem is 
> about Windows 3.11 not supporting VESA :)
> If there was somewhere a Win 3.11 graphic driver designed to work with VESA 
> cards, that would definitely solve my issue... Unfortunately, so far, I 
> haven't found any, and I am trying to believe that such driver simply doesn't 
> exist... :-/
> Of course there is the Japheth's SVGA patch 
> (http://www.japheth.de/dwnload1.html), which is a very nice piece of work, 
> but it has a big issue when it comes to recover the screen from a DOS-based 
> session (the screen becomes garbled), and it doesn't work anymore when 
> network support is activated in Windows 3.11...

The patched SVGA driver handles video output of Windows applications only. My 
guess is that for supporting DOS-based applications or TSRs one might 
additionlly need a VESA-compliant "virtual" SVGA driver (which usually have a 
.386 extension).

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