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On Thursday 08 April 2010 15:17 (CEST), Eric Auer wrote:
> What do you mean by getting freedos to work? It already
> does work as a DOS but it does not come bundled with a
> screen reader... I understand if people are unhappy with
> Windows and screen readers for it, but which tasks would
> they be doing in DOS? Can DOS actually handle those? The
> strength of DOS is to be small and simple, so you should
> not expect for example a firefox and openoffice for DOS.

You would be surprised :)
The only blind person I know is actually a big fan of DOS (however, I don't 
really know whether he uses MSDOS, FreeDOS or any other DOS).
For a blind person, even tasks which sounds trivial to us are important. For 
example: write a note in a text file. Send an email. listen to some music. Set 
an alarm clock which would ring at a given time. Use a calculator. "read" a 
text ebook, etc... (he was using a hardware screenreader, which was receiving 
some commands from a DOS TSR via the serial link).

He told me exactly the same thing that Karen is telling us now: DOS is the 
*easiest* (!) system to use for a blind.

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