I'm trying to reformat for FreeDOS a 6 GB hard drive that
previously had Windows 98.

After running Fdisk to create three 2 GB partitions and make one
bootable, I ran Format, but it gave the error message:

  Boot sector contents implausible, disk not yet FAT formatted
  Win98? Default BPB *FAT1x* 1024 sectors\FAT, 512 root size, FAT32 Forced.
  Access Denied! LOCK problem? Aborting.
  [Error 55]

In previous cases, I have been able to format disks in similar
circumstances by:

    - Running CPB0.COM (Clear Pre Boot v. 1.00 [06-88] - by

    - In TestDisk, doing the following:
      * Delete all data in the partition table
      * Clear MBR partition table by writing zero bytes to it
      * Change partition type from type 06 (Fat16) to 0e (Fat16 LBA)

This time, however, none of this worked.

Help would be appreciated.


Marcos Favero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil


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