Hi Eric,

Here are some answers.


> > Although I am not sure, I think what made the difference this
> > time is that, in the computer setup, I changed the setting of
> > "32Bit Mode" to "OFF".

> Please explain what you mean by 32bit mode and at
> which place this setup possibility can be accessed.

This is just the standard CMOS setup. The line reads:

                                                LBA   Blk   PIO   32Bit
Pri Master  Type  Size  Cyln  Head  WPCom  Sec  Mode  Mode  Mode  Mode

> One thing is that you should make sure that you use
> the right partition types - e.g. FAT16 versus FAT32,
> with or without LBA. For a disk of 6 GB both with
> and without should work, but if your BIOS is not a
> stone age one, I think with LBA would be safer, as
> non-LBA always has a risk of getting CHS geometry
> wrong between FDISK, FORMAT, DOS, BIOS or similar
> if you manage to press the wrong buttons ;-).

As shown above, my BIOS does have LBA. And next time I'll make
sure LBA mode is on.

>     Dosfsck works fine, but remember to use the current 2.11.dos3
>     version which makes sure to not use a swap file on disk while
>     scanning a disk :-p

That's OK, my version is:
dosfsck 2.11.DOS3, 8 Aug 2007, FAT32, LFN.


I'll try again tomorrow following your hints.

Thanks a lot!



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