kurt godel wrote:

>    Maybe someone here knows;
> the command line dir format in XP NTVDM is long file name, or NT style.
> The older non lfn or dos format(8+3) is another way; but they both list
> the number of files and the number of directories separately.

When you open a DOS window in Windows XP the default shell (command-line
interpreter) is cmd.exe.

>    Now when I compile a c program and either use 'system()' to do:
> "dir>t.txt", *or even use 'system()' to call a bat*, the format is
> different, with ALL the dir entries listed together as files! Does
> djgpp/gcc incorporate
> bits of some other dos(not freedos/not ms dos)?

The default shell for 16-bit programs is command.com. (32-bit DJGPP
programs have also a 16-bit stub.)

Just compare the output of "dir" and "command /c dir".

> lfn is used, the first time I use 'system', the format changes to this
> weird format and stays that way until the program terminates.

Sorry, but using "system()" is NO programming to me.

Robert Riebisch
BTTR Software


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