Hi Kurt,

as Robert already explained, you probably used command.com DIR
in one case and cmd,exe DIR in the other case. Still it would
be interesting to see an example of both styles, can you cut
and paste some short examples? No attached files please, just
paste the text as a quotation into your mail :-). Thanks!


kurt godel / Richard Klein wrote:

>    Maybe someone here knows;
> the command line dir format in XP NTVDM is long file name, or NT style. The
> older non lfn or dos format(8+3) is another way; but they both list the
> number of files and the number of directories separately.

>    Now when I compile a c program and either use 'system()' to do:
> "dir>t.txt", *or even use 'system()' to call a bat*, the format is
> different, with ALL the dir entries listed together as files! Does djgpp/gcc
> incorporate
> bits of some other dos(not freedos/not ms dos)? Also, if in NTVDM, where lfn
> is used, the first time I use 'system', the format changes to this weird
> format and stays that way until the program terminates.
> I would have thought you had to  *make* the compiler turn on 8+3, but it
> does it automatically.


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