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It has been said in this list:

>> (Mateusz)
>> Simple: FAT16 doesn't support partitions bigger than 2GiB.
>> So, you have to choose:
>> - either you are sticking to FAT32
>> - or you use only 2GiB partitions (for eg. 2 or 3 partitions on the drive,
>> with each one having 2GiB max.)

>>> (Liam)
>>> You do know that the maximum legal size for a FAT16 partition is 2GB?

>> (Alain)
>> FAT16 has been answered.

>>The ilegal files that you have are just files with a bad name, contents 
>>may even be ok. I had this problem many times in the past, you just have 
>>to find a trick that works :) example: move all other files to another 
>>directory and erase the directory, find a wildchar-name that matches it 
>>and delete or rename it... just a little inventiveness.
>>It is probably a file that has a char in the name that the commands do 
>>not acept, but if it was copied, it can be referenced in some way...

 However, you said:  

>Yes, I realize that each FAT16 partition can only be 2 GB. I was
>trying to have 3 partitions in the 6 GB disk.

>For lack of a better term, I'm calling "illegal" those 
>folders or files that:
>    - appear out of nowhere
>    - have strange names including unprintable characters and
>      fragments of text from existing files
>    - cannot be erased or moved
>    - ironically, *can* be copied to other hard disks

 My 2ยข:  
 Perhaps you tried a partition too large, for the FAT16 
 exact maximum (from Microsoft documentation) is 65524 
 clusters, which means a little under 2 GB with 32 KB 
 size clusters. I suggest you try four partitions.
 I also did see files with bad names, but I know their 
 origin: cookies from my ISP, which seems to be trying 
 to make them invisible and indelible. 
  Your files seem to be coming out of nowhere, and 
 this is a problem in itself, whether or not they 
 have odd names.
 Also, did you look at their sizes? Many are reported
 to have >1GB, and they sum to more than the disk's
 capacity ( unless NDN and nicscan use the comma in 
 the portuguese way, but then there are files 
 containing fractions of a byte ). Did you see 
 such files when the disk was in use with Windows 98? 
 Another point: Did you try to use other 
 configurations, say, without LBAcache or without 
 4dos to see whether these files continue to appear?



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