I'm at the library, but briefly, the "weird" format is like 16-bit dos,
except for the last few lines, which in dos or cmd list 'x files' then 'y
The format I get has all the items, whether file or dir, listed together as
files. In other words, if I dir an empty dir I should get " 0 files; 2
What I get is "2 files"; the default always has the two directories, so if I
put a file into the dir, It reads "3 files, including the default dirs(?).

   I have heard that remark about 'system();' before; I don't get it. So
system is "platform dependant". It works in both linux and dos;any thing
which doesn't work right with system will still work from a bat or bash
can be called from system(); one way or the other, you can get it to work.
What's the alternative ? You can call assembly routines from 'C', granted,
but why is that superior ? Even more is the fact that assembly progs
called from C++ are problematic because of 'name mangling', etc., which is
way more "hair-pulling" than messing with "system();". I have seen a book on
C++ by a truly famous publisher which not only disparaged
the 'goto', but did not so much as mention it!!  You would never know it
    Think of 'C' as *assembly language on steroids*; then think of using
assembly without the 'jmp' instruction. Thank you Richard Klein

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