Em 10-06-2010 16:41, Robert Riebisch escreveu:
> Bruce M. Axtens wrote:
>> Can anyone give me a hand with running FreeDOS under an emulation. I've
>> got both VirtualPC and Sun VirtualBox and I can't seem to get it right
>> with the settings for DHCP. What network hardware and software settings
>> should I be using? I'm running under Windows Server 2008 but using it as
>> a single user O/S (it's a long story.)
> For Virtual PC you need this DOS network driver:
> http://developer.intel.com/design/network/drivers/nd2_300.htm

This is NOT a Packet-Driver, it works only for M$-client. If that is 
what you want, you can try www.netbootdisk.com

For FreeDOS utilities you will need a Packet Driver


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