On 05/28/2010 11:49 PM, Alain Mouette wrote:
> I use Borland C 3.1 regularly on FreeDOS... have you tryed to configure
> the the lib directories in the IDE?
Hi Alain,
Yes, I set the directories and for some reason when I try to compile, 
the IDE reports that it "can't open XXX.lib" when I know that the 
libraries are all there. However, the same files compile fine on an 
ancient laptop that still has the 0.9 (?) version of FreeDOS. Of course 
I don't really want to depend on the old laptop, for it is really slow, 
and if it dies, I'm up the creek. I'm going to try to copy the libraries 
into the directory in which I'm compiling (blush) just to see if I can 
get some work done.


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