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> Hello,anothers name?
>  Format your memory stick(bootstic) useing /S, and useing FreeDos, just
> that simple,it should then be bootable,booting with freedos,but will have no
> real OS, it will just be bootable, copy con, and type, the most basic
> comands work,,when you have the bootstick
> actually bootable, if you want you can add grub, or you can add most of the
> freedos files,and programs, to have what you want, HirensBoot Cd, has a real
> nice CD, that can be used to help, but it is not useing FreeDos, but you can
> build a CD, includeing FreeDos,...
> then copy it to the bootstick and it works well, but the bootstick must be
> bootable, first,
> Also HP format tool, is great to do the format, select the FreeDos system
> files, on the
> option, location of Dos Boot files. But I found the fastest easiest way is
> simple Format/s
> the memory stick (format /s D:(or whatever ur USB drive letter is), adding
> Grub, and what ever later,  ok  well good luck.
> I have some more complete instruct, that Hiren sent me, but they are at
> home, at this moment I am in a internet cafe, and dont have them handy,but
> if you want I can send them
> later,but I think you can find the same on Hirens web site
> www.hirensbootcd.com (i think)
> visit my webb page:http://garryspages.webs.com
> Garrison Ricketson


Thanks for the response but something more fundamental is broken.

After trying to get it working for a couple of days I grabbed a dos img for
WinME from bootdisk.com, using exactly the same disk with the freedos setup
I added the boot to WinME option to the grub boot and voila all worked as it
should.  No errors during the boot and the c: mapped correctly to the 'rest'
of the memory stick.

So in summary......

Stick setup as my previous posting, grub has a freedos option and a WinME
option, both configured identically using the same files except the
FreeDos/WinmE img file.  Freedos option fails, WinME option works.

If you want me to to any diagnostics I'm happy to help, just tell me what
you need.

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