Mike Brutman informed me that he has improved his free networking 
software mTCP for DOS / FreeDOS. Applications now include a new telnet 
client. (See his mail below).

Mike is willing to make the code open source, so this could be very 
interesting for the FreeDOS community and other developers for DOS.

Downloads and information about mTCP can be found at his website

I already tested his ftp-software last year, which turned out to be 
faster than anything else under DOS (see: 

Have fun trying it out - and please send your feedback to Mike.


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Betreff: mTCP Updates
Datum: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 08:09:20 -0700
Von: mbbrut...@yahoo.com
An: uhan...@mainz-online.de

Hello Uli,

We last spoke (wrote) about a year ago.  Since that time I've made
some updates that you might be interested in.

- All of the apps and the library have been ported to compile under
Open Watcom.  This makes the development easier, as one does not need
a 15 year old compiler to write code.

- I'm actively cleaning up the code and preparing for an open source
release.  (My employer has to approve of it first, so it might take
longer than I would like, but there should be no conflicts between my
code and what IBM does.)

- I've added Telnet and rewritten netcat.  Everything is much faster
than it was a year ago, including FTP.  And of course, there have been
numerous bug fixes.


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