Hello, Uli, and every one,
 Thank you very much on the links, and well detailed info, I saved it so I can 
have the links handy, and also follow it more close at home...If I have 
trouble, if you dont mind I will just
e-mail you, as it is more related to networking software,etc,then free 
dos...how ever
thats what we (I assume on others) I am useing as my OS.....Where I bought the 
bigger computor I can get the eternet card...if he dose not have one we can 
order it.
 I hope this is ok, to announce this, and I did all my work useing FreeDos, as 
my OS...
I just completed the very 1st program I have ever made, besides a few Batch 
file things,..
and if anyone wants to check it out,.share idea or use it I am going to upload 
it to mysite
now, (friday 23,july), it is called math1.exe, my directory will show it,ot the 
index, as 
MATH.html....it is just a simple multiplication table execrise , for my 
stepson,but I am kinda proud of myself, I have been trying along time to learn 
how to do this...and FreeDos, the User-Digest...sourceforge, also other sites 
have all been a real big help to me,,thank yu all,from Garry

visit my webb page:http://garryspages.webs.com
Garrison Ricketson

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      Networking (Ulrich Hansen): 

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